Picking the Best Bathing Suit for Your Body Type

Regardless of your body type, many women dread shopping for a bathing suit. (That’s right ladies, we’re in it together!) With temperatures starting to warm up, many of us will soon be hitting the mall for a swimsuit that we can feel confident in while soaking up the summer sun. Unfortunately, seeing our bare bodies… Read more »

Benefits of a Bridal Boudoir Shoot

If you’re a bride-to-be, chances are you’re swamped with planning the wedding and that you’ll get very little “me time” in the months leading up to the big day. However, it’s vital that you slow down and enjoy the ride while planning your wedding too. Scheduling a bridal boudoir shoot can be a great way… Read more »

All About Loving Yourself

We live in a world where we are constantly being peer pressured: pressured to be a specific size, to wear a specific brand, to do our makeup a specific way, to dye our hair a certain color, and the list goes on. With social media being present in our lives on a daily basis, we… Read more »

Getting the Right Fit

You’re in the fitting room with 15 different bras in front of you. You’re pulling straps, adjusting clasps, all while breaking a sweat. After eight different styles and constant defeat, you give up. Finding the right bra is difficult and many women struggle to find a bra that fits their body and their preferences. Between… Read more »

Staying Sexy As Temperatures Drop

Dropping temperatures, severe weather, and food focused events can leave a lot of us women feeling worn in winter months. Don’t get us wrong, winter has some great benefits: sweater weather, cuddle sessions, and some savory sweets. However, it can be easy to fall into a February funk when you’re desperate for warmer weather and… Read more »

Shopping for Your Best Lingerie

If you’re not used to wearing lingerie or you’ve never shopped for it before, standing in front of a sea of lace, ruffles, straps, and patterns can feel intimidating. Don’t worry, we got you girl! The Pouting Room is here to offer tips and tricks that will help women find the best lingerie for them…. Read more »

We Encourage Women to Wear Cute Bra & Panties Just Because

Wearing a cute bra and panty set just because can make you feel confident and sexy. If you think that you need a “special occasion” to break out anything but your cotton panties, you don’t. You are special, and that is reason enough. If you have spent a lot of time walking past a store… Read more »

Dressing Up to Dress Down: Hair and Makeup for Boudoir

Are you thinking about doing a boudoir photo shoot with a photographer at some point in the near future? There are many people out there who are nervous about the idea of doing a boudoir shoot, but the truth is that when you are brave enough to do one, the results will be amazing! You… Read more »

Giving a Groom the Gift of Boudoir

Many brides struggle with a great gift idea for their grooms on their wedding day. You want something personal, unique and thoughtful, but also something he will also truly like. Recently, a hot new trend has popped up on the wedding scene as a tantalizing groom’s gift: Boudoir photography. During a boudoir wedding photography session,… Read more »

Boudoir Is Not Pornography

There are many people who immediately reject the idea of a boudoir photo shoot because they feel it is a form of pornography. Unfortunately, this misconception can not only make women who are interested in a boudoir session feel uncomfortable, it also means that those with a closed mind may be missing out on an… Read more »