Top Tips for Your First Boudoir Session

Top Tips for Your First Boudoir Session

So, you’ve finally mustered up the courage and booked your first boudoir session. Congratulations! There are many excuses people tell themselves as to why they shouldn’t try boudoir photography, and it takes a lot of self-love and confidence to finally make the decision. Here are a few tips to help you prepare and feel confident… Read more »

Simple Ways to Feel Confident in Your Body This Summer

Women eating ice cream enjoying their summer vacation and feeling confident in their bodies

As the weather begins to warm up, we get excited about all the outdoor adventures and opportunities during the summer months. From days spent at the beach to outdoor patios for lunch, the long, hot days ahead are bound to be fun. With warmer weather comes fewer layers of clothes that protect us from the… Read more »

How to Make EVERY Body Feel Included through Boudoir Photography

How to make every body feel included through boudoir photography

People with marginalized bodies rarely make it into the spotlight, and when they do, they are usually exploited to benefit the media’s twisted perception of them. When we see plus-sized bodies, it’s when they are a “before” photo. When we see Black bodies, they’re often highly oversexualized. When we see bodies with disabilities, it’s depicted… Read more »

4 Reasons to Spend Money on Yourself

Retro woman with a jar of money having an idea on how to spend money on herself.

From a young age, it has been instilled into our minds that saving money is always better than spending it. If you spend your hard-earned money on items just for yourself, you are told that you are wasteful and frivolous with your cash. Yes, it is important to save your money for rent, bills, and… Read more »

Why Saying “I Will be Happy When” is Holding You Back

Lock with gold key and Happiness tag

What does it mean to be happy? Does happiness come from the number on the scale or the approval of others? Is happiness something we must chase down and catch, only to hold onto for a short while, until it slips through our fingers again? The “I’ll be Happy When” Syndrome When was the last… Read more »

My Brand Ambassador Experience – Answering the call!

The Decision To Go Out Of My Comfort Zone I was following The Pouting Room on Facebook and watched in awe as the first Brand Ambassadors (2020) shared their journeys, especially amidst the pandemic.  The pictures were amazing and the stories even better.  I was inspired, and when the applications for the 2021 Brand Ambassadors posted,… Read more »

How I Stepped Out of my Comfort Zone

I had recently met some ladies through a local photographer – whom had messaged me about applying for a Brand Ambassadorship with The Pouting Room. I was VERY leary on even applying – SO MANY thoughts – mostly DOUBTS ran through my mind. “Was I someone that would photograph well?” “Is my body shape too… Read more »

My Experience as a Brand Ambassador

Applying to become a BA I was nervous about applying to become a Brand Ambassador in March. It had taken me until last minute to apply.  I spoke to my children and friends and family about this. I thought I don’t have a chance in hell but first things first, get out of your comfort zone… Read more »

Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Tend to Fail

A New Year’s resolutions list written in a small notebook with the title, “This year I will” and three lines underneath it for positive goals in 2022.

We have all been there. That week right after the holidays before the new year, we have too much time on our hands. We pick up a notebook and write down our New Year’s resolutions. Crafting a perfect version of ourselves on a few sheets of paper, we get excited for the first day of… Read more »

Choosing a Boudoir Outfit That Makes You Feel Sexy

Woman Posing in T-Shirt for Boudoir Photoshoot

When you finally take the leap and book a boudoir shoot, one of your first questions is probably going to be about what you should wear. This is an important question that can be overwhelming to try to answer on your own. So, we’ve put together a few tips to help you choose a set… Read more »