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Why You Should Book a Couples Boudoir Photo Shoot

Why You Should Book a Couples Boudoir Photo Shoot

Think about all the things you enjoy doing with your partner—sharing meals, walks, conversations and more. Have you also considered doing a boudoir photo shoot together? Here’s why you should book a couples’ boudoir photo shoot right away: It’s a unique way to show your intimacy, playfulness and personality A boudoir photographer can capture the… Read more »

Giving a Groom the Gift of Boudoir

Many brides struggle with a great gift idea for their grooms on their wedding day. You want something personal, unique and thoughtful, but also something he will also truly like. Recently, a hot new trend has popped up on the wedding scene as a tantalizing groom’s gift: Boudoir photography. During a boudoir wedding photography session,… Read more »

Couples Boudoir – Looking to spice up the intimacy in your relationship?

Sexy.  Intimate.  Hot. Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing a couple who wanted intimate photographs.  It was a birthday gift to his wife.  They were looking to capture the intimacy they feel with each other.  The session was passionate, it was sensual and captured the love they have for each other.  A couples boudoir… Read more »