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What if ? Lessons from the pandemic.

I’ve been going back and forth about what the content of this blog post should be. I’ve been thinking about what message I want to convey and what my intent behind it would be. As I sit on my couch on this sunny Sunday, I find myself inspired by the current events going on and… Read more »

Rediscovering Me!

I sat here for a long time thinking about how I got here. A woman with little confidence, often using my sense of humor to cover my unhappiness with myself, to brand ambassador for an incredibly talented photographer. Life is funny. I always knew deep down that there was confidence in me but no idea… Read more »

Wearing nothing but confidence and a smile!

If you would have told me that 2020 would include me becoming a Boudoir ambassador, I would have called you crazy.  If you would have told me that 2020 would include me actually doing a Boudoir shoot, I would have said “Ha, Ha… not this chick”.  Well to all of you, those that I know and those… Read more »

Embrace Your Super Powers!

I was inspired to become an ambassador for The Pouting Room because of what I believe in and the opportunity to celebrate other women in a way that promotes self love and human kindness. What Stefanie brings to the table at The Pouting Room very much coincides with my vision of the PEOPLE PROJECT, which… Read more »

Stay Sexy During Pregnancy

Boudoir Photo Shoot

Being pregnant can be extremely difficult, and so are the hormones that come with it. For many women, the initial months of pregnancy aside from morning sickness, leave them glowing. However, as pregnancy progresses, many women start to feel less sexy and more self-conscious. When you’re going through so many changes, it’s hard to feel… Read more »

Who does Boudoir and why?

“Oh my god!  I could Never, would Never be able to do a boudoir photography session!”  But you’d be surprised. I’m often asked who is my typical boudoir client?  The simple answer is that there isn’t one. My clients run the gamut whether it be age, body type or personality.   I’ve had clients as young… Read more »

Why I am Passionate About Boudoir Photography!

I’m often asked, “How did you get into Boudoir Photography?”  It is a great question as it’s a very niche specialty.  I actually branched into boudoir from my maternity photography.  I believe a woman’s body is amazing, especially when pregnant.  My maternity clients would leave their sessions feeling beautiful and confident.  Which, lets face it,… Read more »

Strappy Little Number . . .

I was skeptical when I saw this little number on the hanger. But WOW! Who knew such little pink colored fabric could do so much. Take a look for yourself. Enjoy the images.

It’s All About The Boots!

There is just something about cowboy boots that is inherently sexy. Especially if they are all you are wearing. I LOVED these turquoise boots Miss Amy wore for her boudoir session. Something to think about for the next cowgirl photo shoot. #thepoutingroom #cowboyboots #boudoirphotography

Valentine’s Day Sessions!

I know, I know it’s 2 days before Christmas and I’m already talking about Valentine’s Day. Well for those of you who missed out on having a boudoir session for the Holidays you can always do it for him for Valentines Day! Mention you saw this post and receive $50 off your order, when you… Read more »