Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about The Pouting Room in UptonWhat is Boudoir & Empowerment Photography? 

My portrait sessions focus on celebrating and documenting your beauty in the moment.  It’s allowing you to see yourself through someone else’s lens.  To appreciate, accept and love your perfectly imperfect body.    Confidence is a state of mind and has little to do with body shape, color, size, ability or age.

Who Should Book a Session?                

YOU!  Everyone has a different reason for doing a boudoir photo shoot. Some women do it to celebrate a change in their lives, some women do it as a confidence booster and others do it as a wedding, birthday, anniversary gift for their significant other.  I will tell you that the greatest gift will be for yourself!

I have no idea how to be “sexy”.  Can you help me?

I hear this a lot.  This experience is not necessarily about being “sexy”.  It’s a chance to appreciate YOU and your body right now.  That means different things to different women.  Some clients seek to tap into their strength, or beauty, or confidence, or feel empowered, or to feel sexy.  This experience is to help you gain or regain some self-love and feel empowered.

I don’t know how to pose.  Will you help me with that?

It’s normal to be nervous about your session.  I’m often told “I’m afraid I’ll look awkward or make funny faces.” Fear not, I direct you every step of the way and pose you from head to toe.

It’s MY job to capture you at your best angles.   It’s awesome to watch you come out of your shell and radiate confidence during your session. Your only job is to come embrace the experience and have fun!

When Should I Book?                                                                                                

I recommend scheduling your session a minimum of 6-8 weeks in advance to allow time for editing, your Reveal & Ordering appointment, printing & product delivery in time for special occasions.  Most clients book 6-12 months in advance.

What do I wear??

During our consultation we will discuss wardrobe options that will accentuate your body.  I tell clients bring anything that you feel good in! It can range from lingerie (bra & panties, bodysuits) to jeans & boots, an evening dress to a t-shirt with cheeky undies or nothing at all.
Once your session is booked you will receive a wardrobe guide with information & suggestions on outfits to get you thinking, as well as a list of online retailers you can peruse & get inspiration from.

Do you include makeup & hairstyling?

Yes!  All sessions include professional makeup and hair in your session fee.   I work with phenomenal artists, who I know & trust to make your beauty shine through in camera.  This is an integral part of the experience. It is an investment in you and don’t you deserve to look your best and be pampered?

Does your stylist have experience doing hair & makeup for women of color?

Absolutely!  She works with women of all skin tones & hair types.

Do you Photoshop my images?

My goal for your experience is for you to feel comfortable in your own skin and appreciate your beauty right now! I don’t want you to ever look back on your images and think, “I don’t really look like this”, as that defeats the purpose of building self-esteem.

I will beautifully edit & tone each image, but I do not do body modifications, slimming or excessive skin retouching. That being said, if requested, I can diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, bruises, blemishes, and cellulite.

Can I bring someone with me to the session?

You are welcome to bring another female with you if it makes you feel more comfortable. As long as they bring positive energy & are a cheerleader for you!  Males are not allowed in the studio during your session.

What is the investment?

Session pricing of $500 includes the time and talent of the photographer, makeup application and hair styling.  Prints, albums and digital files may be purchased separately.

Clients typically invest between $2000 – $5000 on their custom photography experience.  Email me for the entire price list.

Do you offer Payment Plans?

Pre-payment plans are now available which not only allow you to save up for your products, you get bonuses & freebies when you pre-pay for a Collection.   Post payment plans are NOT available.  Contact me for more information!

I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with the world seeing my images.  Do you share them?

I love when my clients give me permission to share their images in my portfolio and, to be honest, am kinda bummed when they don’t.  However, I understand the nature of the images and respect your privacy.  During your reveal / ordering appointment you make the call whether you are comfortable with me sharing all, some or none of the images.

Is your studio handicap accessible?

Yes it is! The studio is located on the first floor of a carriage house & there are NO stairs.

Have YOU ever had your own photos taken?

YES! I firmly believe that if I’m going to talk-the-talk, I need to walk-the-walk, so I make it a point to have my own photography sessions done. It not only makes me feel amazing it helps me understand how vulnerable it can be on the other side of the camera.