How to Find Beauty in Yourself

Finding beauty in yourselfQuick: think of one thing you absolutely love about yourself! If you’re like many, you might find that challenging. Plenty of women immediately turn to self-criticism: My thighs are too big. I never lost the baby weight. I’m always having a bad hair day.

At the Pouting Room, we’re here to tell you to stop with the criticism! We think you’re beautiful as you are– and you should, too. Need some help silencing the inner critic and finding beauty in yourself? Read on for a few tips.

Stop criticizing things in yourself that you wouldn’t criticize in others

You don’t expect anyone else to be perfect, so why should you be? There’s no reason to hold yourself to a higher standard. If you wouldn’t tell your sister or best friend that she looks terrible in a photo, don’t say it to yourself, either.

Focus on what you can control

Not everyone is going to like you. Not everyone is going to think you’re pretty. But who cares? You can’t control other people and their reactions, but you can control your own reactions and self-talk. Commit to loving yourself.

Don’t let others define beauty for you

Magazines, ads, movies – they all tend to present one ideal of beauty. That’s not you? So what! Take back the power to define what is beautiful. Women can be beautiful at all shapes, sizes and ages.

Tell yourself one positive thing about yourself every day

Stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eyes and say something positive: I have beautiful eyes. I love my freckles. I have a kind smile. The list goes on!

At The Pouting Room, we can help you discover your own beauty with a sexy boudoir photo shoot. Give us a call at 508-603-1163, put on your favorite lingerie and get ready to feel more beautiful than ever before!