After the Session

Review Your Photos with The Pouting RoomWaiting is always the hardest part. Isn’t it?

About 10 days to 2 weeks after your session, it will be time to reveal your beautiful images at the studio! You will be presented with approximately 50 – 75 images in a slideshow on a 50″ television. I will help you choose the images and products that fit your needs best.

The biggest question I’m always asked is whether I retouch your images. While I will get rid of those fine lines, wrinkles and the ever dreaded cellulite – if requested, I will not alter your body in any other way.

I don’t want you to ever look at your photos & think “that’s not me”. My philosophy is that this experience is to celebrate who you are & build up your self esteem, not knock it down.

It is my job as your photographer to show the best version of you through great angles and lighting. I want you to feel proud, confident & beautiful.

*Orders must be paid in full before your order will be fulfilled. Pre-Payment plans are available. Due to the nature of the service, all sales are final.