Before the Session

Learn More About The Pouting Room in Boston MA
What do I bring? Will you show me how to pose? Is hair & makeup included? Is it normal to be nervous?

I am here to answer any & all questions you may have about your session. If, like most, you’ve never done this before. This is an exciting and perhaps intimidating new experience. Kudos to you!

Fear not. We will have an in-depth conversation when you book, either via Zoom or in person, to talk about your expectations, intentions and desires in advance.

We will talk about your “why” for scheduling a boudoir or empowerment session. We will talk about choosing clothing that you feel good in. We will talk about what you love about yourself and the things you are most self-conscious about. We will talk about the kind of images you are drawn to – playful, light & airy? moody, dark & edgy? Perhaps a combination. There are no right or wrong answers here – it’s about providing you with a comfortable, safe, fun & empowering photography session. Visit our FAQ page for some commonly asked questions!