Why We Love High Heels

Why We Love High Heels

When we were little, we stumbled around in our mother’s heels, trying to walk the way we saw her walk because we admired her stature and grace. She was our first role model. As we grew up and became a teenager, runway models in strappy stilettos were our idols as we saw them smirking as… Read more »

Tips for Making Yourself a Priority

Tips for Making Yourself a Priority

Chances are, if you’re a mother or have a very demanding job or a busy social life—or all of the above—you tend to feel stressed and spread thin, especially during the holiday season. When so many people count on you in your life, it’s really hard to put yourself first. But the truth is, if… Read more »

Keep Warm this Winter with Practical Lingerie

Keep Warm this Winter with Practical Lingerie

Bitter cold temperatures will soon leave us all bundled up but what really counts is on the inside: a sexy winter selection of lingerie! There are plenty of practical lingerie pieces that will keep you feeling warm and fuzzy throughout the winter season. Crushed Velvet Bodysuit If you were a big fan of the nineties,… Read more »

Sexy Holiday Gifts to Give Yourself

Boudoir Photography Session

Although we are all about the spirit of giving during the holiday season, we are in full support of giving a little something special to yourself too. After all, you deserve it! Don’t be afraid to treat yourself during the holiday season and give yourself a sexy little gift that you’ve been wanting! A lot… Read more »

Incorporating Lingerie into Your Wardrobe

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On a normal day, you probably grab the first pair of panties that you see in your drawer, and maybe sometimes a bra that matches them. However, we have talked a lot about how wearing lingerie or a gorgeous bra and panty set can help women feel empowered on any given day. Lingerie might soon… Read more »

Online Lingerie Shopping: What to Know

Online Lingerie Shopping Tips

Life’s demands don’t always make it easy for us women to set aside “me” time, and it can be hard to find the time to go to a lingerie boutique and try on different pieces. Shopping online is convenient, and with a wide selection of lingerie available, many women are turning to online lingerie shopping…. Read more »

Women’s Underwear Selection Really Matters

Women's Panties

When most women go shopping for panties, they typically purchase panties that they believe are comfortable, pretty, practical, sexy, cozy, or otherwise. The majority of your underwear drawer probably consists of the same type of underwear because they fit your personal preferences. It is important to recognize that certain types of panties are not right… Read more »

Stay Sexy During Pregnancy

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Being pregnant can be extremely difficult, and so are the hormones that come with it. For many women, the initial months of pregnancy aside from morning sickness, leave them glowing. However, as pregnancy progresses, many women start to feel less sexy and more self-conscious. When you’re going through so many changes, it’s hard to feel… Read more »

Loving Vintage Lingerie

The Pouting Room

Building a vintage lingerie wardrobe is essential for all women. Having a range of different lingerie pieces can help to spice things up, and vintage lingerie is always in-style. Vintage lingerie is well-suited to women of all body types, making it a sexy and sweet option for all women. If you’ve never thought about your… Read more »

Staying Cool and Sexy on Summer Dates

Dating Tips

Summer temperatures are settling in across the country, Boston included. While all of us would prefer to show up to an evening happy hour looking slightly windswept with pink-blushed cheeks, we’ll likely start showing up with a sweat-soaked shirt and hair that’s slowly expanding. Dating is tough, and dating in summer months while still looking… Read more »