Boudoir Dos and Don’ts

Boudoir Boston MA Whether you’re coming in for your first boudoir photo shoot or your 50th, make the most of your experience by following these boudoir dos and don’ts:

Do: Wear loose clothing to your appointment in a fabric that won’t irritate your skin. Consider a simple cotton top and loose pants or a skirt.

Don’t: Wear tight or constricting clothing to your shoot, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you wear your skinniest jeans to your appointment, you may be unpleasantly surprised to discover unsightly red marks in your photos.

Do: Drink extra water during the week before your shoot so your skin is plump and hydrated. Before your appointment, make sure to eat a light but nourishing meal.

Don’t: Overdo it on the alcohol, which can make your skin look puffy, or eat heavy meals that will make you bloat.

Do: Be creative! Costumes and other unconventional choices can make a boudoir shoot lots of fun.

Don’t: Bring anything you don’t feel 100% comfortable in. For example, lots of women want to shoot boudoir photos wearing a thong, but if you hate thongs, wear something else.

Do: Bring any accessories you might want to use, like jewelry, props or even glasses.

Don’t: Forget your shoes! Keep in mind that you won’t have to walk in them, so consider bringing some sexy stilettos.

Now that you’re prepared to have the boudoir photo shoot of your dreams, it’s time to book an appointment at The Pouting Room. Our boudoir photos will give you amazing self-confidence and make special gifts for your partner or just for yourself. Contact us, pack your hottest lingerie and get ready to discover your inner vixen!